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La Flèche

La Flèche Zoo: the Heart of World Wildlife

Dear readers,

today I'm taking you on an exciting journey to discover La Flèche Zoo, an enchanting place where wildlife reigns supreme. Through this article, I will reveal to you the wonders that you can encounter at the zoo, the unmissable events, the accommodation nearby, the culinary delights to savor, the exciting activities to do, and all other useful information to prepare for your visit. Get ready for an exceptional experience surrounded by fascinating animals and unspoiled nature!

1. Immerse yourself in the Enchanted World of Animals

La Flèche Zoo is a true paradise for wildlife lovers. It extends over more than 18 hectares, sheltering more than 1500 animals belonging to nearly 160 different species. Strolling through the park, you can discover animals from all over the world, ranging from majestic elephants to proud lions, mischievous meerkats to mischievous monkeys, not to mention slender giraffes and adorable koalas. Each species has a suitable space, restoring their natural habitat as well as possible and guaranteeing their well-being.

2. Unforgettable Events

La Flèche Zoo offers a variety of events throughout the year to enrich your visit. One of the highlights is the spectacle of free-flying birds. Witness a fascinating demonstration featuring impressive birds moving through the sky, revealing their agility and natural beauty. For marine life enthusiasts, don't miss the sea lion show, where these mischievous animals will amaze you with their acrobatics.

Each season brings its share of surprises. During school holidays, special activities are offered for children, such as drawing workshops or meetings with trainers. During the Christmas period, the Zoo is adorned with magical decorations for a unique festive atmosphere.

3. Nearby Magical Accommodations

To prolong this unique experience, you can stay in one of the accommodations located near La Flèche Zoo. the Château de Marigné, of course, which offers you the comfort of a family home in the countryside. You can discover it in detail and in photos via this link.

The Safari Lodge Hotel offers you a total immersion in the savannah with luxurious lodges offering breathtaking views of wild animals. Imagine waking up with a view of giraffes and zebras or polar bears, an unforgettable experience!

For a more unusual experience, the Bubble Lodge offers you to sleep under the stars in the heart of the Zoo. These transparent bubbles allow you to observe nocturnal animals and hear the sounds of nature while you fall asleep.

4. Gourmet Flavors

After discovering the wildlife, head to one of the Zoo's restaurants to treat your taste buds. The "Safari Café" offers a variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes, from sandwiches to fresh salads, including local specialties. Take advantage of the terraces to relax while admiring the magnificent landscapes.

5. Activities for the Whole Family

La Flèche Zoo is an ideal leisure spot for a day out with family or friends. Children will love the playground and the entertainment dedicated to them. The more curious can take part in animal feeding sessions to learn more about their eating habits.

For the more adventurous, embark on a boat trip in the gorilla basin and discover these majestic primates from the water, a unique and immersive experience.

6. Useful Information

La Flèche Zoo is open all year round, be sure to check opening times and special events on their official website. Access is possible for people with reduced mobility. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

To get to the zoo, use public transport, a shuttle is available from La Flèche train station. Parking is also free if you prefer to come by car.

Do not hesitate to support the zoo's preservation actions by participating in sponsorship programs or by making a donation to help protect endangered species.


La Flèche Zoo is more than just a visit, it's an extraordinary adventure that will immerse you in the heart of the world's wildlife. Fascinating animals, breathtaking shows, unusual accommodations and delicious flavors await you for a memorable experience. So, get ready to live unforgettable moments surrounded by the wild and unspoilt beauty of La Flèche Zoo!

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